insurance policies

  1. LydiaMae

    Nonprofit Program - intellectual property

    I’m Founder and CEO of a small nonprofit organization that is likely about to get much much bigger, and I want to make sure we have everything in place to grow safely and protect everyone involved. Below is some context to our organization, and my questions - We’re a service dog organization...
  2. D

    Can a home insurance company increase premiums midterm?

    Hello, I refinanced my home last year with a new mortgage company and an appraisal waiver. Recently, my insurance company decided to retroactively increase my premiums because they erroneously thought that the square footage of my house increased by 25%. There have been no improvements to the...
  3. J

    Virginia Out of Network, My bad

    Can medical practice stand to profit by failing to tell patients their practice is out of network, in order to receive non-insurance based payment? I have very good insurance, UHC POS-PPO. When I called to make an appointment the first thing they did was take my UHC info. BTW, This group...
  4. K

    Travel Insurance - Claim denial

    Hello, Recently, I booked a round trip flights from IAD (USA) to BLR(India) with one stop in London for transit, and also brought a Travel guard AIG insurance along with the ticket. My return flight from BLR to IAD was cancelled because of Covid-19 restriction imposed by UK government. Travel...
  5. Renters & Homeowners Insurance Policies: Coverage & Claims

    Insurance Renters & Homeowners Insurance Policies: Coverage & Claims

    It is always prudent to have insurance for your home, even if you rent. Most property owners are required by their mortgage lender to have home insurance and they must have a homeowner's insurance policy. This also applies to condo or townhouse owners who have insurance through their Homeowner's...