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    Death after receiving direct rollover distribution checks.

    My mother passed away just after receiving two 401k rollover checks that are directly address to the destination IRA FBO Mom and not the 60-day indirect type made out directly to her. My sister and I are beneficiaries on the original 401ks, the destination IRA, and in the will for all the assets...
  2. X

    Can I inherit without a will?

    Hello, Several years ago my grandfather gave me his house. He was sick with cancer at the time but he told all his kids and my grandmother at a family gathering before he passed away what his wishes were. He passed away suddenly before he had a chance to create a will. My grandmother now has...
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    Medicaid health benefits & inheritance question

    I'm currently receiving income-based Medicaid health benefits (61 y.o.) Recently, I've received a small inheritance (~$12k) from my dad's life insurance policies which are not yet deposited. My concern is that I'll go over the $2k bank account threshold disqualifying me for Medicaid health...
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    Inheritance retained solely in beneficiaries name?

    Will inheritance assets be protected in case of divorce if he keeps all assets received solely in his name. My son is listed as the sole beneficiary of all my assets upon my death.
  5. A

    Land transfer

    My fiance owns some land and wants to put half of it in my name. What is the easiest way to do this? I was advised to use a quit claim? Is this correct? If so, what are the steps in doing so?
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    Inheritance Question

    Inheritance Question: If two parents have 2 children and each of them have 2 children who are now adults, but one of the parent's children dies before the parents how should their estate be divided? Does 1/2 go to surviving child and 1/2 go to the living children of the deceased child or 1/2...
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    Transfer Auto Title or Sale of Vehicle - Intended inheritance (no will)

    Hello, My father recently passed away (resident of PA) and is survived by my stepmother. I live in NJ. Though, this was not stated in any document such as a will, he told my stepmother he wanted me to inherit his sportscar, make/model not important for this discussion. The vehicle is titled in...
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    Heirs blocked from receiving bequests: items stolen or destroyed.

    Is it a crime to refuse heirs access to their bequest? Is it a crime to keep or destroy items, rather than give them to the heirs? Is it a crime to kill pets rather than offer them to the owner’s family? I am back again to ask advice for a new but related situation to my post from 12/2019...
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    Inheritance to Minors Stuck In Court

    Two years ago, my wife's aunt unfortunately passed away. There was no will, but she had listed our children (ages 2 and 4 at the time) as beneficiaries to her accounts. Prior to this, we had already set up a UTMA account in a major brokerage firm for each of our children and had contributed to...