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    Fired in 2022 for 2005 magazines found in a rusted locker

    Hello, My husband was just let go from 30 year employment because they found magazines from 2005 (they were Mail so they had his name in it) in an old locker area that has not been used in years. They said that he broke policy that stated that reading material could not br brought into the...
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    I was fired from a job that disability said I could do, does that strength my case to re-apply.

    Several years ago I applied for SSD (and later SSI) benefits, I was declined and took them to court but I lost because they said that there were a few (I believe 3) jobs they thought I could do. One of those jobs was a packer, well I recently took a job as a packer but was told this morning via...
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    Unemployment if Fired

    I have worked seasonally full time as a tax preparer for 10+ years, no complaints. This year for the first time I had a customer complaint saying I was rude (explaining why their adult daughter hadn't received Covid stimulus and how they would need to refile dependence). My manager was...
  4. Tweets, Social Media Posts and Your Employment Rights

    Hiring, Firing, HR Tweets, Social Media Posts and Your Employment Rights

    This article discusses whether you can be fired for your posts on a blog or social network such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or Linked In. While you may have your own blog, a Facebook or MySpace page, a Twitter account or a membership on another social network, you are ultimately responsible...