drug testing

  1. E Taylor

    Drug Crimes, Substance Abuse PWID charge without lab test result

    Individual being charged with possession w/ intent to distribute (heroin/fentanyl) based upon finding a bag of blue capsules filled with powder, which was sent to crime lab for testing -at pretrial conference, evidence documentation did not include lab results, only chain of custody form...
  2. Marijuana Use May Get You Fired Even Where Legalized

    Decisions Marijuana Use May Get You Fired Even Where Legalized

    This past week the Colorado Supreme Court affirmed a lower court ruling which upheld the termination of a quadriplegic employee who used medical marijuana, in his own home while he was off duty. In Coats v. Dish Network, LLC., 2015 CO 44. No. 13SC394, the Colorado Supreme Court held that state's...