1. N

    Can domestic violence victims mention prior abuse at trial?

    I thought DV victims were allowed to mention prior abuse at trial, but I’ve been told by the ASA that I may not to be able to bring up my ex’s “prior bad acts” or it may cause a mistrial. I believe this is because the defense has requested to suppress the mention of bad acts and some other legal...
  2. BRENt SR.

    Sons Mother awarded sole custody , due to domestic conviction withen 5 years .

    4 years and 3 months ago i was arrested for spousal battery on my son's mother . I had broken the kitchen table , at that point she attacked me scratching , biting me . I had to hold her in order to calm her . officer comes she has a ripped shirt , she informs him i didn't cause her any harm...
  3. C

    Baby Mama holds car hostage with TPO

    Ok... So I'll try to ask this question as simply as possible after a little back story. My child's mother (baby mama) has been doing her best to get me in trouble and make me look bad for a child custody battle. I was arrested in September of 2021 for domestic violence and took a plea deal. In...