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    Single Heirs distribution withheld

    The Circuit Court required the heir to give up his statutory right to appeal in order to receive his distribution. Additionally, the estate argues that because he appealed, his distribution should be used to pay legal fees of the estate as it remains undistributed. Wisconsin law allows...
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    Almost 10 Years After Death, Trust is Still Not Settled

    Don't think that a Trust will guarantee smooth sailing of asset distribution upon death... Mom had an irrevocable trust drawn up with her home (our childhood home) as the only asset. There were no debts. The beneficiaries were/are her two children with the eldest as the Trustee. She passed in...
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    Trust Distribution

    Hi, My mother had an uncle and she is a beneficiary of his trust. There is a distribution for my mother from this trust but my mother has passed away. Edward Jones who holds the trust has said in order for the distribution to be received, an estate needs to be setup. My father has his own...
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    Distribution of my retirement account

    My wife and I currently have children from previous marriages; in my 403(b) retirement account, she along with my two children are named as beneficiaries upon my death - her at 50%, each of my two children at 25%. She does not have her own retirement account. She would have the remaining asset...
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    How to retrieve inherited items from the widow’s vacated home?

    Is there a way for my sisters and I to retrieve my late father’s personal items from his widow’s house, now that she has been moved to a memory care facility? Can a sheriff gain entry for my sisters and myself? We don’t have house keys or the alarm code. Dad left the items to us in his will...