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    Friend being physically abused by parents, parents threaten retaliation if CPS is called

    First, some background. I'm 14, my friend is 13, and we both live in Massachusetts. My friend, let's call him Joe, has been abused by his parents for years. He just told me about this today. His parents constantly scream at him until he cries, and have physically abused him on and off over the...
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    CPS used to retaliate

    My current girlfriends ex was served with a protective order. A few days later CPS was called. They want to do a home visit at her residence. They also want to do a home visit to my residence. The children do not live at my house. Is there anything I can do
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    Child Abuse, Molestation, Porn Hypothetical Scenario

    Hypothetical scenario I am developing for a character I'm writing. I don't know if I am allowed to post such hypothetical scenarios here. If I am not, I'd appreciate if anyone could direct me to a place where I can. I am in the process of writing a character named "Rose". Rose's parents abused...