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    Limits of Government authority and compensation for harm caused

    In the interest of anonymity and to protect my business interests, I will not use specific entities, or resources. Lets say, I harvest a certain edible, non psychedelic, wild mushroom, and the law allows such harvest and sale without a permit requirement. Lets say it is very lucrative, and a...
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    Worker Compensation vs long term disability

    Can you please help me understand this from 2 aspects at least. Thank you very much. 1. Is one limited to temporary period, while other can be for approximate lifetime. 2. After injury, what is the maximum time, person can take (after which it would be invalid) has to file either of these claims.
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    A company wants to confiscate the only form of compensation for a service I have already provided.

    I (a natural person) cooperated with a company (I assume a legal person). The cooperation consisted of a digital marketing service for a company from German. I did not ask for money for this service, but rather non-monetary compensation (goods). All of the communication between us has a written...
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    Bonus Paid - NDA to Follow? Am I safe to Resign?

    I feel stuck, and I’m not sure if I’ve reached a point where I should contact an attorney regarding my annual performance bonus. In Feb this year, I received a job offer from a new employer. Knowing that my current company was planning on paying out my annual performance bonus in March, my...