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    Fraud and falsified information from the child support agency

    So, I just had a case where Wisconsin took me to court to pay back child birthing costs. It’s a complicated situation. At the time of birth I was not even announced of his birth I also had insurance that would have covered it if I would have been informed. Also had a lower income. The state is...
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    Indian Couple, Confusing Immigration Status, Divorce

    My parents have been married for a long time and it’s an incredibly toxic marriage. My father is verbally, financially, and physically abusive towards me and my mother and has been for years. My mom (a homemaker) is considering getting a divorce, but wants to know what the process in general is...
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    Can I sue?

    Can I sue my son's mother for intentionally deny a injury that would result in lower income? Back story: I was hurt on the job spinal injury, after treatment the doctors (and by doctors I mean more than one) put me on permanent restrictions, and told me I could not longer work in my industry. I...
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    MIx topics Lease, Imigration and child support

    Hi, I’m seeking legal consultation on how to start preparing myself in this case. My former girlfriend and I ended the relationship one day before we got to know she was pregnant.However, we decided to continue and try to resolve the differences,mostly for the fact that we wanted a bay...
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    Child support lien

    A lien was placed against my bank account for unpaid child support. The child support became unpaid during the time I was out of work and looking for a job (4 months). Prior to receiving the paycheck, child support was taken out in the amount of $742. This amount and the amount in my bank...
  6. Child Support in New York: Answers to Frequent Questions

    Child Support Child Support in New York: Answers to Frequent Questions

    This article answers frequent questions about child support law in New York. Child support is the financial obligation of one parent to pay the custodial parent to help raise the child both created together. Each parent shares in the expected costs of raising a child which include health and...
  7. Child Support: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

    Child Support Child Support: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

    This article provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about child support. It is a general guide to how most states approach common issues concerning support payments including calculation of obligations, increases and reductions, failure to pay and failure to appear in court...
  8. Basic Child Custody & Support Law for Unmarried Parents

    Child Custody Basic Child Custody & Support Law for Unmarried Parents

    Children born to unmarried parents create a host of child custody and child support issues. While the identity of the mother is usually obvious, it's not always as clear when it comes to the father. Family law governs and provides guidance. Questions of child support and custody /visitation...