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    Personal Bankruptcy Chapter 7 discharged, can I file Chapter 13 now?

    Highly unlikey, and as another person said, it sounds like your trustee may reopen. If that is the case then you def. cannot file for chapter 13
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    Personal Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Cross Collateral

    I am very interested to see what replies you get. I find myself in a similar situation
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    Personal Bankruptcy Using online forms properly?

    This is just a suggestion, but I have always shyed away from filing out such important forms online. If you have an attorney, they will be able to file properly for you
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    Business Debt, Collections Invoices past due -- Over 6 months

    Unless you can convince him or come up with some sort of payment plan, then yes, court is your best option. Your vendors are going to take you to court, so you have to do the same to a client that does not pay.
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    Personal Bankruptcy I am creditor in a Chapter 7 Case

    Is there any update on what happened here. I am pretty interested to find out if the 800,000 or anything was ever collected.