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    Banking Question.

    I don't think it matters. Chex Systems is a like a credit report for banking and will disclose the mutliple accounts, but I doubt a New Accounts Person would care.
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    Fraudulent Angel investor program?

    You may want to describe what the Angel Program is--I've never heard of it.
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    Personal Bankruptcy Selling House After Filing Bankrupcty

    Maybe If this is a Chapter 7, the Trustee owns your home legally, so you can't sell it unless he has abandoned that asset. If there is a no asset report, estate closure order, or a specific abandonment by the trustee, you are OK.
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    Hand written info on back of check

    Restrictive Endorsement In most states, a restrictive endorsement will bind you. A restrictive endorsement might say, "Payment in Full" or something like that. The applicable Uniform Commercial Code Section is 3-311. If cashed with knowledge of the endorsement and the debt is subject to a...
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    Stop payment on a check

    The returned check is what we banking lawyers call a "charge back". Under the Uniform Commerical Code, in endorsing the check, you represented and warranted to everyone, including your depository bank, that the check was valid. Unbeknowist to you and the bank, this was not the case. Therefore...
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    bank of america question

    It depends on the payor (drawee) bank. Most banks will not accept a check that has been dishonored more than twice. There is no set rule or statute or regulation.
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    riped off by bank of america

    Under the law, you have have 30 days to report a forgery after receipt of your statement, during which the Bank is 100% liable. You have 1 year in California to file suit from the date of the forgery, but the Bank may claim that you were contributory negligent in failing to report the forgery...
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    Investors and Usury?

    No lawyer here would know your answer, as usury is state specific. I would hate to have you get sued. See a local lawyer.
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    Counterfeit check

    The lienholder has the right to gripe, but probably not against you. You didn't send him the check. He needs to contact the buyer, or whoever sent him the check. A counterfeit check is equivalent to a forged makers signature. I would have a different opinion if, as part of the sales...
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    Personal Bankruptcy need help sba loan and bank

    Well, I'd pay them back what you can, and make a payment plan for the rest. You can't expect them to take the loss and walk away. I don't entirely understand the reasons for the business failure over 60 days, but the bottom line is that you owe the money and ultimately they will collect it.
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    Employment practice for an FDIC insured institution

    While I am a Financial Institutions lawyer, I only know that the Fed prohibits anyone working for a bank from being a convicted felon, 10 years or not. I do not know about whether it applies to non-employess (e.g., vendors) with access to the facilities. This may be a judgment call by the...
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    Personal Bankruptcy need help sba loan and bank

    The SBA can be patient, but you will either pay them or they will foreclose on the mortgage. I don't get how you only used $38,000 of the loan funds, have sold the $30,000 in equipment, and still owe the SBA. Did you sell the equipment and pocket the dough? If so, thats not very nice, and I...
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    question about collections

    Yes, and its easy to get it.
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    Verbal Agreement with Credit Union

    Sam Goldwyn has the best quote on this-- An oral contract isn't worth the paper its written on.
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    Merchant account

    I wouldn't buy or sell anything to or from Nigeria. That place is a fraud magnet.