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    13 yr old wants to make his own decisions

    Thanks for the input guys. He already has no electronics, tv, video games, etc allowed in his room. And the ones that are in the common areas are all password protected (with regularly changing passwords) so that he must show his homework & chores are done before he is allowed to use any of...
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    13 yr old wants to make his own decisions

    I'm looking for knowledge here as best it can be applied. My son from a previous relationship is 12 years old. His dad & I currently share 50/50 legal and residential custody with me being the primary for child support purposes. It is a true 50/50. He stays at his dad's/grandma's on...
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    What are the chances of my sons Father getting 50/50 custody?

    My ex thought he would be able to do the same, although my child was 10 when he did this. 50/50 would mean he wouldn't have to pay child support. When he found out that wouldn't work (after it was already implemented) he went back to court seeking a change in which school our son would attend...
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    Juvenile in school being asked to give a statement without a parent present

    He was suspect in that he was teasing his friend. He ended up with a detention for his part in the mess. His friend has been charged with a felony based on the school resource officer asking my child if he felt "scared" and he answered in the affirmative. When asked by me if he actually felt...
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    Juvenile in school being asked to give a statement without a parent present

    This has recently come up even though I have coached my children to never give a statement to school staff or to a police or school resource officer. They are supposed to just repeat over and over to ask them to call a parent that they cannot make a statement without a parent or lawyer present...
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    Medical bills for spouse that has passed away

    I will agree with Army here. It isn't so much that she is unwilling to pay the bills. She has tried to set up a payment plan with the debt collector, and that worked for a time, but now they say it isn't enough they want more than she can possibly pay each month and still provide for their...
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    Medical bills for spouse that has passed away

    A friend of mine's husband passed away from the cancer he was being treated for in the hospital. After the insurance there were thousands in medical bills left to pay. Is she responsible for paying those even after his death?
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    Threat to not allow me to see my son

    Just send her a copy of the certificate. If you end up having to go to court it will look a whole lot better for you if you are the one trying to cooperate. Yup she can go look at it on her own, it is public record. But save yourself the trouble and just send her a copy. No point in making...
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    Security Deposit Deposit & 1st month rent, signed rental agreement, LL now refuses to let move in

    A friend of mine is trying to rent a house so she can move out pending a divorce from her husband. She found a place close by and signed a rental agreement, paid $1000 deposit and $1000 for first months rent for the month of August. She had not yet gotten the keys for the rental from the...
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    Child Support Unique Situation HELP

    You don't have to put the entire check in the bank when you open your account and cash the check. Shoot, you could even put some of it in CD's or an IRA. Just make the first check your write to the CSE where you still owe child support and get it taken care of asap. Then they won't have any...
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    Sole Custody

    First you need to understand there are two different types of custody. Legal, which means medical, school, religious decisions and then there is residential or who the child lives with. Legal custody is most often split 50/50. Residential is usually with one parent or the other, with the...
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    Ventura county Juvenile court system

    Have you spoken to a recruiter? There is a good chance the military would not take him with him being bipolar.
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    Can non-custodial Dad keep kids from participating in extra-curricular activities?

    OP, I don't know if this will work for you, but this is what I did. I took him back to court and requested our parenting agreement be modified to include allowing our son to play one sport of his choosing, if he so chooses, each season. Costs not to exceed a certain amount and we were required...
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    50/50 physical custody who pays for school lunches?

    My son spends 50% of his time with me & 50% of his time with his dad. My son's dad pays me child support with a 30% reduction based on having him half the time. We do not have a shared expense plan, just c/s. I have my son every Wed & Thurs, then every other weekend Fri through Mon morning...
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    Unpaid vet bill, storing tack for former boarding customer

    We were boarding a horse for a couple for $75/month. They were also storing their tack, feed, grooming supplies, etc on site. They stopped paying board in June. In August, I finally tracked the woman back down via facebook. Her phone was disconnected, no response from her email account, and...