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    To be an Heir....or not

    Thanks you have been really helpful in this matter. I will keep you posted! :D
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    To be an Heir....or not

    It's the attorney telling me that.......not my sisters. They are telling me that I am not actually an heir and cannot be a part of the lawsuit whatsoever. even though he listed me and my sisters as well. Do I have any grounds to hire someone on my own? Months after he died we went to court...
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    To be an Heir....or not

    Class Action My father started this suit himself before he died about two years ago when he learned that he was exposed. Its a class action suit where my 3 sisters and I had to sign contracts and provide the attorney handling the suit proof (birth cert.) that includes his name mine does not...
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    To be an Heir....or not

    The only father I knew past away last April. This man had taken care of me since I was 2 years old, and at that time obtained Full custody of me, carried me on his insurance, filed me on his taxes.....unfortunelty he died of asbestos realted injuries. He listed me on his will as an heir 2...
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    Verbal Agreement-WE WON!

    After appearing in court, and the floor guy did not show just as you stated. Judgement was in our favor. We have a judgement for $400.00 against him and his company. How do I collect now? Can I have his wages garnished? Can I put a lien on his company?
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    verbal agreement.

    Sometime in November 2003, my fiance and I hired a floor guy to intall wood floors in the dining room of our home. We did not draw a contract but agreed on what the price should be for materials and installation. The floor guy promised that it would be done long before thanksgiving, since we...