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    Nike Shoe Company

    I purchased a pair of Nike Shoes in April 05 on the same day I suffered a surgical Knee injury. Now that I’m able to start doing sport activities I attempted to resume using my new Nike Shoes, However I soon realize the "Air Pockets in the Left Heal of the Shoe was damaged. I have consulted...
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    Pre-Trial for Sep/Divorce

    Forum, I have been ask to write a affidavte, to inform the courts as to what lead to the Divorce. This counld be a novel. "How do I keep to the facts?" I only want to leave with 50% of what I put into a 8yr 3kid, aggreement, and Move on! PS. Spouse is an Attoney and has mentioned using...
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    Divorce Papers Filed Then Cxld

    Your forms are public record until the Planiff request to have records removed via the court/county inwhich you filed.