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    Can landlord keep security deposit without a signed lease?

    can landlord keep se dop without a sign lease i am not an attorney, but by having problems myself i learned a lots. never give a landlord a deposit whithout a sign lease or a sign statement between both of that your deposit will be return to you if anything go wrong. once someone get your money...
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    credit cards f

    credit card f yes this is the same son. i know he seems like a jerk. but he said he used his own sss#. if i find out he used my ssn# i am finish with him. but what confuss me is that they have the same thing on both of our report. so i don't know who to believe. i have a friend that is going...
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    credit cards f

    credit card f i want to thank everyone for thier help, i will have my son contact the credit card co and get it start.
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    copyright of book

    i'm an author, one day i was on the internet and a company call zazzle pop up, i click to their website to check their products out mainly their t-shirts. while i was looking i discover my book cover was on one of their t-shirt. i call them they said one of their representive that sell on their...
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    credit cards f

    credit card f i talk to my son he said he never used my ssn# plus the reporting agency has the same accounts on mine and his credit report. i call the FTC they just took down the informing and will send me a booklet. can they put the same thing on both our credit report.
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    rental lease

    when a co signer sign a rental agreement is their a special place for him to sign.
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    Automobile Dispute

    auto dispute in most states their is a lemon law, i suggest contact a lemon law attorney, they usely work for free if you have a case. i think you do.
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    co signing

    gail if you were an attorney, it sould like you would sell your client down the river. the reason is i'm disable and my landlord can sue but he can't get anything from me, my son yes he can. another is that you are thinking like a landlord, as long as i get mind i don't care who i hurt. now you...
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    co signing

    you are right i think my son should pay the landlord if the money is owed. but if the landlord, knew he couldn't pay , the landlord have place himself in a knowing situation so it make the landlord liable as well. as for me i think if we go to court the judge will side with me, because i lived...
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    credit cards f

    someone use me ssn# and order a credit card in my name online they order 3 credit cards, myself and my son have the same name, my son said he ordered the cards and used his ssn#. the order came from my son house and his computer, the credit card people know this , but they will not take it off...
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    co signing

    gail in the state of califorina, a verbal agreement is as good as a writing agreement. were is his morals. if my son owe money he should pay but i should not be held liable. also i think the landlord used bad judgement to let the rent go this far. i still say he should have contacted me before...
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    landlord proplems (co signing)

    yes gail the girlfriend did sign the rental agreement, the rental agreement was month to month. my son and his grilfriend heard us make the verdal agreement that my name was to be on the lease for (6) mos only. the problem is why would the landlord let the rent get over $7000.00 dollars, i think...
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    co signing

    the lease was a month to month lease, yes the girlfriend did sign the lease. they said she gave a 30 days notice. but her name is on the orginal rental agreement. some rental agreement have a space were the co signer signs, but this rental agreement didn't have that. they had me sign were the...
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    co signing

    I co sign for my son and his girlfriend for a place to live. myself and the landlorn had a verbal agreement that my name will come off the lease in six months. My son girlfriend moved out they didn't give a new rental agreement, My son fell on hard times and got behind on his rent over $7000.00...