The Layman’s Guide to Workers’ Compensation

  1. Have you been injured at work? Are you worried about your lost wages and treatment cost? Then rejoice, for the constitution of the United States of America guarantees you the unalienable right of workers’ compensation.

    But not everyone knows about workers’ compensation. Therefore, to help our blue-collared brothers, I’ve prepared this article describing workers’ compensation and the role of workers’ compensation Lawyers of Reading, PA.

    What is Workers’ Compensation?
    Workers’ compensation is a mutually beneficial agreement that’s designed to safeguard the financial welfare of employees, employers, and the commonwealth of the people. The agreement is mandated by the Federal government, where an employee injured at work forfeits their right to sue for negligence in exchange for the employer covering their lost wages and medical costs.

    Workers’ Compensation Board and Court
    Although mandated by the federal government, workers' compensation is dealt with at the state level through its Workers’ Compensation Board. The Board is responsible for accepting or denying an employee’s application and recommending the compensation terms to the employer. The decision is made according to the state’s workers’ compensation laws.

    In case a claim is denied, employees can challenge the Board’s decision at the state’s Workers’ Compensation Court, which is presided by a workers’ compensation judge. If even the Workers’ Compensation Court decision is unfair employees can appeal the case to the commonwealth courts.

    Role of Lawyers in Workers’ Compensation
    Looking at the similarities between workers’ compensation and general proceeding, you won’t be surprised to learn that lawyers play a crucial role in getting workers their dues.

    Timely Filing
    As soon as you’re able to, you’re supposed to report your injuries to the employer and prepare and file your workers’ compensation claim within a specific date from the incident. Failing to file within the specified period will make you ineligible for workers’ compensation.

    Daunting as it may be, workers’ compensation lawyers of Reading, PA, help their clients through the whole process by completing the application and filing it on time.

    Out-of-Court Settlements
    If the claim is denied, your only options are to either appeal the decision to the court or try for an out-of-court settlement. Going to court is not only expensive but time-consuming as well.

    Workers’ compensation lawyers realize your need for quick results. Therefore, although ready for a trial, they try their best to ensure that you get a favorable out-of-court settlement.

    Proper Treatment
    According to Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation Act, employers can force upon you, for treatment, their list of approved doctors. Getting treatment elsewhere will disqualify you from getting workers’ compensation. To reduce treatment costs, the employer may persuade the doctor to downplay your injuries.

    By getting a second opinion, workers’ compensation lawyers of Reading, PA, ensure that your health isn’t being jeopardized by subpar treatment.

    Your Part in Getting Your Dues
    Although there to help you out in getting your dues, workers’ compensation lawyers require your aid to do so. And you don’t have to do much, just make sure that you get an employment letter from your boss and call your lawyer as soon as you can.


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