Royal Holiday Cancun mexico timeshare scam

  1. In 2009, my wife and I went to our first vacation since we had emigrated to US ten years before. This vacation was in Cancun, Mexico. Everything would have been perfect, but we were harshly lied by Royal Holiday salespersons. Abusing the fact that English is our second language they tide us into a 30 years contract instead of promising 5 years. Being close to retirement age and having a low paying job, we were paying for a two years. In 2012, my wife died of cancer. Since then I did not go to any vacation and try to cancel my account many time without any luck.

    I even called a Royal Holiday headquarter and they offer to help resell our contract. They referred us to the Global Resort Services. I paid $599 for a service and after two years of exchanging calls this company disappeared.

    Once, browsing an internet, I found a Mexican Timeshare Solution website and I decide to try once more. This time it was successful. Their reply was quick, they always reply to my email, and, what is the most important, finally, I was be able to cancel my account with Royal Holiday. I would recommend it to anybody who appears in similar situation.
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