1. Law and morality

    The norms mediating in the regulation of behavior and activity constitute a system of normative regulation of social relations in general. Thus, social norms are the rules governing the behavior of people.
    Law and morality take a special place in the social norms system. Compared with other social norms, their field of activities is broad.
    Morality (or morality) is a special type of normative regulation and has moral values. Morality is also formed in a natural-historical process as law. But law and morality are different from each other. Moral values people's actions in terms of moral values. "good" - "evil", justice - injustice, and so on. moral words. "Lawful" or "illegal", and "illegal" is the right words.
    One of the distinctive features of the law of morality is its provision by the state. In fact, the law arose that in the new circumstances, other regulators, as well as moral principles, could not insure the surroundings from unpleasant situations. But the law was able to respond to such cases.
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