Transportation & Aviation

  1. Boat Accident Boating Accident Reporting, Liability, Damages & Compensation

    Frequently asked questions about boating accidents, what to do, how to report an accident, how to answer questions, how liability is apportioned, money damages for injured parties.
  2. Boat Accident Boating Laws, Life Jackets & Boating Under the Influence (BUI)

    Answers regarding important state and federal boating laws, life jacket requirements, BUI or boating under the influence, and resources for boating licenses and laws.
  3. Aviation Accident What to do After an Aviation or Airplane Accident

    A detailed guide explaining what you should do if you or someone important to you has been injured or died in an airplane, helicopter or aviation accident, including law.
  4. Aviation Accident Aviation and Airplane Accident Damages and Awards

    If you have been in an aviation or airplane accident and have been injured, this article will explain the types of damages that can be recovered, liabilities of third parties and more.