Traffic Tickets & Motor Vehicles

Traffic Tickets are one component of Motor Vehicle Law , which covers any self-propelled vehicle designed to carry or transport people or objects. Automobiles, cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses and tractor trailers are common examples of motor vehicles. Frequent issues also include registration, insurance, drivers licenses, speeding tickets, vehicle repairs and recalls and parking violations.

  1. Drivers License When can my Drivers License be Suspended or Revoked?

    Situations when your driver's license may be suspended or revoked, how you can prevent your license from being suspended and punishment for convictions.
  2. Repairs & Recalls How to Solve Auto Recall Repair Problems

    If you received an auto recall letter but having problems getting the work done properly or for free, you should take these steps to remedy your problem.
  3. Traffic Tickets Understanding Information Found on Traffic Tickets

    It is important to be able to identify and understand the information that appears on a traffic ticket so that you can prepare an effective defense.
  4. Speeding Tickets How to Defend a Traffic or Speeding Ticket Successfully

    Learn how to defend a traffic or speeding ticket successfully. Tips on how to obtain evidence in your favor, how to cross examine witnesses, how to negotiate a better deal with the prosecutor.
  5. Auto Insurance Teenage Drivers and Parental Responsibility

    Laws and insurance requirements are different for teenage drivers, as they are new to operating a motor vehicle. Information about parental responsibilities, insurance, learners permits, more.