Real Estate

Real Estate and Real Property Law consists of federal, state, municipal and common law. It governs land use, rights and that which may be permanently affixed or attached to the land such as a house, building, tree, garden or swimming pool. Air rights exist above the land and mineral rights below it in the ground. Common real estate topics include the purchase and sale of real property, easements, land use, zoning, home loans, mortgages, foreclosure, liens, construction, development, title to real property, adverse possession, landlord-tenant and renter’s rights issues. Real estate law can be complex, especially when dealing with boundary disputes and riders (additional legal terms added to a land sale or rental contract.) Third party vendors are frequently involved with real estate transactions, such as title insurance companies and real estate agents.


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  1. HOA, Boards Homeowners' Associations: Answers to Frequent Questions

    Answers to what a Homeowners' Association is and the areas it covers, what to do if you have a disagreement with your HOA, where to find answers to the rules and regulations of your HOA.