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  1. Military, Veterans The Selective Service System Peacetime Draft Registration Program

    Explaining whether you may be required to register with the Selective Service System and available exemptions regarding the military draft.
  2. Military, Veterans Military Service & Social Security: Special Extra Earnings

    If you've served in the military and are a veteran, you may be entitled to "special extra earnings" credits that could increase the amount of Social Security payments you are entitled to receive.
  3. Military, Veterans Military Leave Rights: How USERRA Protects Your Job

    How to keep job if you need or want to take military leave, government rights and benefits including position, salary, pension, seniority and where to file a complaint for violations of your rights.
  4. Military, Veterans Veterans Benefits Programs, Claims & Appeals

    Military veterans benefits program information, how to apply, make a claim, appeal a decision, list of other federal benefits available including disability, social security and more.