Internet & Computer Law

Internet Law or online services law is closely related to Intellectual Property law but includes online privacy rights, protection of children (COPPA), canned spam laws, SOPA, e-commerce and jurisdiction in a virtual space. Computer law, dealing with forensics and electronic evidence, also has components closely related to and overlaps with copyright and patent law.

  1. Decisions Jury Finds Google's Android Lawful Fair Use of Java API

    A jury in U.S. District Court in San Francisco concluded unanimously that Google made lawful "fair use" of Oracle's Java API in its Android operating system and is not liable for copyright infringement.
  2. News Google to Aid Emerging Laws Battling Revenge Porn

    Google will provide a revenge porn removal form, joining an emerging body of law to battle the problem. A brief review of new law and criminal prosecutions.
  3. Practice Domain Name Proxy Liability and Handling Hidden Parties

    Understand what domain name proxies and privacy services are and their liability. Learn tricks to get beyond the shield and shut down spammy websites.
  4. Columns Domain Name Pre-Registration Process Exposed

    The confusing, incomprehensible "pre-registration" process for new top level domains such as .NYC, .ESQ, .ADS and .SHOP are explained and the fine print is exposed. The prices, rules and refund policies can change with every registrar, registry...
  5. News LinkedIn Sues Unknown Hackers for Scraping Data

    LinkedIn filed a complaint against unknown hackers who used automated programs to bypass security measures, create thousands of phony accounts and scrape a significant amount of member profile data. The data harvesting had been going on since at...
  6. News Top Law Firms Spoofed in Malware Spam Email Campaign

    Numerous spam emails, along with a virus infected attachment, are being sent using the name of top law firms Latham & Watkins and Jones Day as the sender. The intended victims are laypersons, unfamiliar with the court system, who may have court...
  7. News Linkedin Accused Of Hacking And Spamming Users

    Social media giant, LinkedIn, was sued by four plaintiffs who alleged that the company silently harvests private user emails while they are logged into mail services in order to send send spam invitations. Class action status was sought in the...