Immigration Law

  1. Citizenship How to Apply for Citizenship by Naturalization

    Step by step, the process of applying to become a U.S. citizen. Preparing the application, the interview, required tests, the decision, success and appeals.
  2. Citizenship Eligibility for Citizenship Through Naturalization

    A list of requirements helping you determine whether you are eligible to file an application to become a U.S. citizen with USCIS. Step 1 of naturalization.
  3. Permanent Residence How to Get a Green Card: Eligibility and Qualification

    Requirements for getting a green card (permanent residence) through family, marriage, work (labor certification), diversity visa lottery, asylum and other.
  4. Fiance Visa Fiance & Fiancee Visa (K-1): Requirements & Procedure

    A review of K-1 visa requirements (to get married to a foreign Fiancé / Fiancée) and procedure that follows to obtain a K-1 visa in the U.S. and abroad.
  5. Law, Procedure, Other USCIS Change of Address Rules & Requirements

    Requirements for lawful permanent residents for notifying USCIS about a change of address for a moves and what happens if you are late or don't notify USCIS.
  6. Visa, Other List of US Visa Types and Categories Explained

    A current U.S. non-Immigration and temporary visa list, with descriptions, so you can easily find different visas for which you may qualify.
  7. Citizenship Dual Citizenship: List of Countries Which Allow & Deny

    A list of countries where dual citizenship with the United States is possible and not possible.
  8. Work Visa Labor Certification: Answers to Frequent Questions

    Who needs labor certification for a work visa? Not everyone is required to be certified and not all applications are guaranteed a visa. Answers to common questions.
  9. Work Visa Work Visa (H1B): Answers to Frequent Questions

    How to get an H-1B visa or "work visa", list of requirements, explanation of the process, how to file an application, expectations for approval, job transfers
  10. Law, Procedure, Other Visa Denials & Appeals: Answers to Frequent Questions

    Reasons why a visa may be denied, how to appeal a petition for immigration to the USCIS, explanation of the process and recommendations.