Divorce & Family Law

Family Law covers the relationships between family members and domestic partners, including marriage and divorce law . The family unit includes parents, husband and wife, children, grandparents, relatives, step-parents and step-children as well as domestic partners. Common family law issues include premarital relationships, engagement, annulment, marriage, adoption, paternity, child custody, child visitation, child support, emancipation, juvenile law and delinquency, divorce, alimony and support, division of marital property and domestic violence issues. Mediation is a growing area of Family Law which provides “alternative dispute resolution” rather than going through long court battles. Mediation is frequently used to settle disagreements over custody of minor children, parenting time with minor children, child support, spousal support and allocation of debt and distribution of property.

  1. Child Custody Basic Child Custody & Support Law for Unmarried Parents

    How the court makes child custody and support decisions when parents are unmarried: paternity tests, financial support payments, visitation rights.
  2. Annulment How to Obtain an Annulment of Marriage

    The annulment FAQ - do you qualify for an annulment to end your marriage? How does it differ from divorce? How do you get an annulment? Where? The most common annulment questions are answered in...
  3. Domestic Violence Responding to a Domestic Violence Restraining Order

    What to do if you've been served with a Domestic Violence Restraining Order of any kind, how to respond, what not to do, how to protect your rights and avoid a criminal record.
  4. Domestic Violence Expungement of Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

    It is important to clear your record of a domestic violence restraining order. This article will explain why and how to expunge your record from the harmful effects of a restraining order.
  5. Domestic Violence How to Get a Domestic Violence Restraining Order

    Information on how to get a domestic violence restraining order, what happens when you go to court, testifying in court, criminal charges against the abuser and more.
  6. Domestic Violence What is a Domestic Violence Restraining Order?

    This article will explain all you need to know if you've been involved in an incident involving domestic violence, including service of restraining orders, court appearances and more.
  7. Name Change How to File a Legal Name Change

    Most legal name changes occur after a person gets married or divorced. Some don't like their adopted or birth name. These are the steps to easily change your name.
  8. Child Custody Understanding Physical Custody and Legal Custody

    Understanding the difference between physical custody and legal custody, how family court handles religious preference in raising a child, a primer on child custody law.