Divorce & Family Law

Family Law covers the relationships between family members and domestic partners, including marriage and divorce law . The family unit includes parents, husband and wife, children, grandparents, relatives, step-parents and step-children as well as domestic partners. Common family law issues include premarital relationships, engagement, annulment, marriage, adoption, paternity, child custody, child visitation, child support, emancipation, juvenile law and delinquency, divorce, alimony and support, division of marital property and domestic violence issues. Mediation is a growing area of Family Law which provides “alternative dispute resolution” rather than going through long court battles. Mediation is frequently used to settle disagreements over custody of minor children, parenting time with minor children, child support, spousal support and allocation of debt and distribution of property.

  1. Five Important Tips on Collaborative Divorce That You Should Know

    Divorces are known to be difficult to deal with, for both the spouses and the families involved. The couple needs to make crucial choices about proceeding with the divorce, and who to seek help...
  2. Separation Marriage Dissolution in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    The dissolution of a marriage is a legal act that may not coincide with the emotional tearing asunder. Divorce is typically a painful process for all concerned. While it can take adults time to...
  3. Alimony Assessing Alimony Before a Divorce in New Jersey

    Understanding different types of alimony and the factors the court uses in determining the amount of alimony you can expect to receive in a divorce.
  4. Child Support Child Support Modifications: Starting the Process

    Can parents agree to a child support modifications? Is a court appearance required? How do you modify unfair orders and deal with changing circumstances?
  5. Divorce Procedure Filing for Divorce in Fault and No-Fault States

    Understand divorce filing options - (1) no-fault , (2) fault-based (adultery, etc.) and (3) separation based - state law and grounds for divorce.
  6. Divorce Grounds Fault and No-Fault Divorce Law for Each US State

    Understanding the difference between fault divorce and no fault divorce. A chart of what each state law requires to get a no-fault divorce.
  7. Alimony Alimony, Spousal Support and Maintenance Explained

    A primer on understanding alimony - an explanation of what it is, why it exists, determine how much you might need to pay and for how long.
  8. Child Support Child Support in New York: Answers to Frequent Questions

    Answers to common New York child support questions. How the amount is calculated, reduced, the effect of high/low incomes and mutual agreement.
  9. Child Support Child Support: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to frequently asked questions concerning child support, calculations, back payments, reduction, failure to pay, garnishment, jail for contempt of court.
  10. Child Custody How are Child Custody Decisions Made in Court?

    A basic introduction to how child custody decisions are made by a judge, identifying what is and what isn't important, some which may be surprising.