Criminal Charges

Different types of criminal charges, from shoplifting to fraud to murder.

  1. Shoplifting, Larceny, Theft Civil Demand Letters, Retail Theft and Recovery

    An explanation of civil demand letters you may receive for shoplifting and retail theft. Should you pay them? Can you also face criminal prosecution?
  2. Fraud, ID & Money Fraud and Misrepresentation: Civil & Criminal Offenses

    Learn about the crime of fraud and misrepresentation, criminal charges and civil law, fraud detection tips and what to do if you've been a fraud victim.
  3. Child Abuse, Sex Crimes Statutory Rape Law and the Age of Consent

    An explanation of the crime of statutory rape, the legal age of consent to have sex under each state, punishment, sentencing and reporting requirements.
  4. Child Abuse, Sex Crimes Defenses to Child Abuse Charges

    An explanation of legal defenses to child abuse charges, including false allegations, a parent's right to discipline, accidental injuries, divorce and other issues.
  5. Fraud, ID & Money Bribery Charges: Types, Elements & Penalties

    Explanation of the crime of bribery and sentencing guidelines. Bribery is an offer or receipt of value which influences a public official or employee in their duties.
  6. Drugs, Controlled Substances Drug Trafficking and Distribution Offenses

    Drug trafficking and distribution offenses are felony crimes. State and federal law will typically apply and the penalties for a conviction can be severe.
  7. Assault, Battery, Robbery Robbery Charges, Punishment & Sentencing

    Understand the crime of robbery, what is required for a conviction, sentencing, how it differs from burglary and theft including aggravating factors affecting sentencing.
  8. Shoplifting, Larceny, Theft Shoplifting, Petty Theft and Return Fraud Charges

    What to expect if you've been charged with shoplifting and your chances of avoiding a criminal record and conviction. Expungement options discussed if convicted of shoplifting.