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Michael M. Wechsler is an experienced attorney, founder of, A. Research Scholar at Columbia Business School and of-counsel to Kaplan, Williams & Graffeo, LLC. He was also an SVP and chief Internet strategist at and legal consultant at Kroll Ontrack, a leading service e-discovery and computer forensics service provider.
  1. Decisions Teen Denied Support in Lawsuit Against Her Parents

    An 18 year old girl left home and sued her parents for school tuition, child support and the legal expenses for suing her parents. Earlier this week, a New Jersey judge ruled against her emergency...
  2. Tax Returns How to Get a Tax Deduction for Charitable Contributions

    Understand how to get tax deductions for charitable contributions. Learn what qualifies, valuing property donations, record keeping and filing requirements.
  3. DUI & DWI Defense How to Interview a DUI DWI Attorney for Hire

    An important list of questions you should ask a DUI/DWI attorney before you consider retaining them to determine costs, experience and competence.
  4. Car Accident Most Common Driver Errors Resulting in Car Accidents

    A list with detailed explanations of the most common driver errors that result in traffic tickets and auto accidents, as well as how to avoid them.
  5. Criminal Records Expungement: How to Clear Your Criminal Record

    How to expunge your criminal record, seal it, or remove your criminal record from public view, conditions for expungement, what cannot be expunged and more.
  6. Columns Injury Lawyer’s Outrageous Super Bowl Ad: Fact or Fiction

    Easily the most memorable ad of Super Bowl XLVIII was the absurd, entertaining, action packed 2 minute commercial for a personal injury lawyer. Remarkably, this outrageous farce was a bona fide...
  7. Tax Planning How to Minimize your Tax Liability and Maximize Deductions

    7 tips to help you minimize the tax you'll pay to the IRS and teach you how to maximize deductions, tax credits and other benefits you may not know about.
  8. Citizenship How to Apply for Citizenship by Naturalization

    Step by step, the process of applying to become a U.S. citizen. Preparing the application, the interview, required tests, the decision, success and appeals.
  9. Decisions Judge Decides Boy is Too Rich for Jail After DUI Manslaughter

    A Texas judge sentenced a teen to no jail time - despite being convicted of DUI manslaughter and responsible for the death of four people - as a result of the boy being too spoiled by his rich...
  10. Citizenship Eligibility for Citizenship Through Naturalization

    A list of requirements helping you determine whether you are eligible to file an application to become a U.S. citizen with USCIS. Step 1 of naturalization.
  11. Permanent Residence How to Get a Green Card: Eligibility and Qualification

    Requirements for getting a green card (permanent residence) through family, marriage, work (labor certification), diversity visa lottery, asylum and other.
  12. News AMC Movie Theater Removes Google Glass User

    A Google Glass user with prescription lenses was allegedly removed from an Ohio movie theater by federal law enforcement under suspicion of recording the film. The Glass wearer and his wife were...
  13. News LinkedIn Sues Unknown Hackers for Scraping Data

    LinkedIn filed a complaint against unknown hackers who used automated programs to bypass security measures, create thousands of phony accounts and scrape a significant amount of member profile...
  14. Landlord Obligations Tenants Rights in New York City: Utilities, Repairs, Safety

    A detailed list of tenants rights in New York City, what to do if your landlord doesn't provide heat, hot water, repairs, safe conditions, other necessities.
  15. News Popular Diet and Weight Loss Companies Settle FTC Fraud Charges

    Four well known weight loss companies settled consumer fraud charges with the FTC for $34 million. Sensa, LeanSpa, L’Occitane and Diet Direct were charged with deceptive and misleading advertising...