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Michael M. Wechsler is an experienced attorney, founder of, A. Research Scholar at Columbia Business School and of-counsel to Kaplan, Williams & Graffeo, LLC. He was also an SVP and chief Internet strategist at and legal consultant at Kroll Ontrack, a leading service e-discovery and computer forensics service provider.
  1. Copyright Are Song Titles & Lyrics Protected by Copyright or Trademark Law?

    A comprehensive analysis of the legality of using of movie titles, song titles and lyrics on products such as t-shirts, bumper stickers and other goods and services.
  2. Shoplifting, Larceny, Theft Civil Demand Letters, Retail Theft and Recovery

    An explanation of civil demand letters you may receive for shoplifting and retail theft. Should you pay them? Can you also face criminal prosecution?
  3. Wills Witness Requirements for a Valid Will

    All you need to know about witness requirements for a valid will. Who and how many witnesses do I need? Must they see me sign my will? Answers to these questions and more.
  4. Contracts The Statute of Frauds and Contract Law

    A list of contract types that the law requires are written and signed, not oral. An explanation of the Statute of Frauds and state requirements.
  5. Rights, Policies List of State Fair Employment Practices Agencies

    Contact information for Fair Employment Practice Agencies in each state of the United States. FEPAs are state and local agencies that work with the EEOC, which is a federal agency.
  6. Law & Procedure Good Samaritan Laws & the Duty to Help or Rescue Someone

    Do you have a legal duty to help or rescue someone else in danger? Do you have a duty to control your children? When are immune from being sued if you help?
  7. Domestic Violence Expungement of Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

    It is important to clear your record of a domestic violence restraining order. This article will explain why and how to expunge your record from the harmful effects of a restraining order.
  8. Garnishment Garnishment Law: Limits, Exemptions & Defenses

    Garnishment: how it works, a list of exempt property, information about garnishing wages due to back child support & loans, effect of bankruptcy and more.
  9. Shoplifting, Larceny, Theft Shoplifting, Petty Theft and Return Fraud Charges

    What to expect if you've been charged with shoplifting and your chances of avoiding a criminal record and conviction. Expungement options discussed if convicted of shoplifting.
  10. DUI Stops How Police Visually Detect Drunk Drivers

    A list of the most popular ways police officers spot drunk drivers with the naked eye, divided into four major categories of driver errors.
  11. Fraud, ID & Money Fraud and Misrepresentation: Civil & Criminal Offenses

    Learn about the crime of fraud and misrepresentation, criminal charges and civil law, fraud detection tips and what to do if you've been a fraud victim.
  12. Rights, Policies Equal Pay Act: The Same Work Deserves the Same Pay

    The Equal Pay Act covers wrongful situations where employers do not pay employees the same amount even if the work is exactly the same. Know your legal rights against discrimination.
  13. Statute of Limitations New York Statute of Limitations, Civil Actions

    A comprehensive chart and explanation of the New York statute of limitations, the time limits for bringing or facing a lawsuit in a New York state court.
  14. Drugs, Controlled Substances Drug Trafficking and Distribution Offenses

    Drug trafficking and distribution offenses are felony crimes. State and federal law will typically apply and the penalties for a conviction can be severe.
  15. Hiring, Firing, HR Lying on a Job Application: What can Happen?

    What happens if get caught in a lie on a job application? Can I get fired? Will I lose my benefits? Answers to these questions, employee and employer rights and more.