How to use bookmarks for posts you want to recall quickly

The "bookmark" feature in the Law Forum allows you (if you have permission) to bookmark your favorite posts in a list so that you can recall them quickly on demand. Here is how you can bookmark your post in the Law Forum.

1. Click the bookmark link under the post (it will appear if you have permission.) Enter in a note about the post that you wish to bookmark, e.g. "Statute of Limitations, New York, Personal Injury")


2. Click the Breadcrumb option in the User Panel. When you're done, click the arrow on your User Panel which should be just to the right of the page breadcrumb or at the top of the right sidebar. You'll see a dropdown list with "Breadcrumb" listed. Click it!


If you've done everything correctly, you should be taken to a page with your bookmark list! If you click the post ID number on the far left, you'll be taken to your bookmarked post!

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Jul 30, 2015
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