About TheLaw.com

About TheLaw.com

TheLaw.com™ helps consumers understand the law and find solutions for their legal needs. The company was founded in 1994 by attorney Michael M. Wechsler, who at the time was a young law school student. Michael realized the immense difficulties that the average person faced trying to navigate through the complicated, confusing and expensive legal system. TheLaw.com was created to make the law more easily accessible and in a language that everyone can clearly understand. You can educate yourself about the law and your case for free, learn how to do it yourself when you can, and get professional help when you need it at a cost that you can afford.

TheLAW.com™ is a free friendly, online environment where lawyers and non-lawyers can find and share all types of legal information: sharing experiences and knowledge in a free legal discussion forum, comprehensive free legal help guides, free legal resources such as search New York State laws, find a lawyer in the directory to retain or to obtain a free case review and much more.

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