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Case Review - Terms of Use and Legal Disclaimer

Abour Our Case Review Service

Our free legal case review service is a most effective way of providing an efficient request for a private legal consultation with an attorney. This makes it more likely that an attorney will review your case and contact you for a legal consultation. There is no obligation for any attorney to contact you nor are you obliged to use or retain an attorney.

When you request a case review with us, typically the following will occur. An attorney or employee with our company or one of our outside legal consultants will review or "screen" your case to determine whether it might be of interest to an attorney. We try to notify those submitting a case request within 24-72 business hours whether or not their request passes this screening process. If your request passes this process, we send your request for a free case review to 1-3 attorneys with priority given to those with whom we may have a relationship and appropriate for assistance. Sending a case to an attorney does not mean or constitute an endorsement or recommendation of that attorney or law firm. We cannot guarantee and are not responsible for when and whether any attorney or law firm will respond to your inquiry. Even with good, meritorious cases, responses may be affected by limitations of staffing issues and requirements of current clients.

We also work with third parties, such as IM Solutions, who collect your data directly in their widgets and share your information with their network of attorneys for the purpose of finding you an attorney who can review your case. You can read more about their affiliate program on their site. The intake forms which expand and become larger after entering basic information are their "widgets." Our intake forms have virtually all the fields you need to answer loading onto a page the first time you view the page, such as on our General Topics form.

It is important that you understand that the information you submit using this service is NOT protected by the attorney-client confidentiality privilege so please don't provide us with any of such sensitive information. Before having a consulation with any attorney, make sure that you confirm that: (i) the consultation will be free, (ii) the format of the consultation such as in person, by telephone or via electronic communication, (iii) the format, nature and scope of the consultation, and (iv) the status of any confidential or privileged information that you may intend to share with or provide to them.

The Law Network, LLC and its employees, contractors and affiliates are not responsible for any advice or representation from any attorney, the attorney's competence, communication, diligence or other reason that may arise out of your association with any attorney or individual that results from this service. We do not represent, warrant or imply anything with regard to the attorney's qualifications, character or competence or your satisfaction with the attorney's services. In order to use this service, you represent and warrant that you are not using this service for any purposes that may constitute commercial, marketing or solicitation and that you agree to be subject to the laws of New York County, New York and subject to the personal jurisdiction of any courts, federal or state, that are or may be located therein.

Our Terms of Use and Legal Disclaimer

Your use of our web site and this and others services are also subject to your agreement to our Terms of Service and Legal Disclaimer. Please read them carefully. Thank you for using our web site and service.