My wife was just about to leave the house of a friend after dropping off our 14 year old daughter when a car pulled in behind her in such a way that she could not leave. It was a DFCS nurse who was there to Drug test one of our friends. She refused to allow my wife to leave at least 4 times. In this time frame she tested our friend and received a positive result. At this point she notified everyone that all adults present were now required to submit to a test. Please be aware that this happened in Henry County and we live in Clayton County. My wife was already very late running some important errands (about 2 hours had went by) and refused to take the test. I was fishing and out of range on my cellular. To condense this DFCS took custody of my daughter who was finially allowed to go home with the girls who had tested positive's father after he came and took a test. The next day when he was at work she left his residence finially reaching me on the phone. My wife was told not to go to his residence and get her and she did not. Thing is when she called and told me where she was I went and picked her up. I was never at the house, never signed anything about not being around her ect. She called I went. My wife was held a total of about four hours before being allowed to leave. Police came to pick up other kids but had no problem with my wife driving home. If she was really impaired should they have not arrested her immediately whe she started her car and does the fact that they did not offset DFCS claiming she was positive because she refused the test. I can not imagine an agency that has that much power. My wife is 49 and has never had any problems with the law. I am wondering what to expect next, she was told the next day it had been transfered to clayton county. We have no notice of hearings. Can they require that I also be tested, I have had drug trouble but it was 20 years ago. Can't image having to jump thru hoops because my wife was dropping off my daughter somewhere. We have never had DFCS called on us and certainly never abused our daughter. Any advice or options info would be appreciated. Wow just when you think everything is ok wham right in the kisser.