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    Legal Action Against Repair Shop

    Jurisdiction / State: Georgia

    Without my knowledge, a mechanic did not mount and ground an electrical component using the appropriate hardware. Instead, the mechanic used zip-ties to fasten the component. I discovered this when a month later, my vehicle began to misfire and lose power. A diagnostic revealed that one of the zip-ties broke and the component was dangling. The mechanic said it was an aftermarket part and the hardware didn't fit. The auto shop refuses to refund the money for the repair, but has offered to repair the vehicle. Given this is a shop that cuts corners, I do not want them working on my car. Do I have any basis for taking the shop to small claims court?

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    Sure, you can take them to small claims.
    You might even prevail.
    But, then you'll have to TRY and collect your judgment.
    That's the hardest part.
    If I were in your position, having them do it right will be more productive than small scams court.

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    There is no reasonable excuse why they cannot fix it.

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