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    Craigslist purchase, how can I get a refund

    Jurisdiction / State: North Carolina

    I purchase 4 stools on Craigslist for $80. They were advertised as bar stools, 30" high. When I picked them up it was raining, so I wanted to get them loaded quickly. I didn't even think to measure and didn't think since I was buying them from a local business owner that I would have to or that she would misrepresent the stools. She also told me they had not been used, but it was clear that they had judging by the plastic plugs on the legs and the dirt. I was willing to overlook this because I liked them and knew that they could be cleaned up. When I got them home and placed them by my bar, I realized they were counter stools, not bar stools (bar stool height starts at 29") and were only 24" high. I emailed her right away and called and left a message telling her I needed to return them. She did not respond to either one. I went to her place of business during a time when there were no customers and tried to return them, but she got quite nasty and threatened to call the police if I showed up again at her place of business with the stools. I believe she did get my message since she didn't even ask why I wanted to return them. I'm a firm believer in doing what's right and would not hesitate to return money if I made such a mistake. I am not able to use the stools. Is small claims court an option?

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    I hate to say this, but you have no case. Even if they weren't as advertised, you took them home anyway - the seller won't be penalized because you didn't inspect them first.

    This is going to be a $80 dollar mistake.

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    She could have done the right thing & taken them back since they were not as advertised. However, she didn't have to - you took them as they were. Sorry.
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    You had the chance to inspect them and decided they were acceptable. You have no recourse.

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