I was given custody after our divorce. My ex came and got our son from Illinois and took him to Texas for a 2 week visit. He never returned with him. I waited and tried to contact him to see what was taking so long. Then I was served with papers saying that he got temporary custody because he said my new husband had mollested our son. The state of Illinois investigated and found that the claim was unfounded and false. The state of Texas didn't even investigate it. After a year in court, I lost because my lawyer didn't call all of the witnesses and he was given custody. The judge said that I would get custody when he got deployed to the war for a year and that we would revisit the case when he got back from the war. The judge never said that my new husband was the cause of the custody win and there is nothing in the paperwork saying that my son can't be around my husband. Charges were never filed and he was never questioned. My ex then said he was getting out of the military because he was undeployable. That kept me from getting him for the year that he was suppose to be deployed. I wrote him and told him that I planned on getting our son for my summer visit. He said that was fine and he wouldn't keep me from visiting. Then today I received a restraining order to stay away from my son because I talk bad about his father to him and drink around him and keep him from his father. I haven't even seen him since the last court date because we live in 2 different states and I only get to talk to him on the phone. My ex and his family are the ones who talk bad about me and my husband which the judge ordered they were not allowed to talk bad about my husband to my son. So now this is going to keep me from my summer visit. What can I do to get him to stop trying to keep me from seeing my son and stop being able to lie to get legal documents against me?