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    High water bill due to leak

    Jurisdiction / State: Georgia

    I have lived in my apartment for 10 months, for the first six months my water bill was always $95. The toilet in one of the bathrooms started leaking 4 months ago. I asked my landlord to repair it, he came by and claimed that it was fixed however it continued to run. I asked him to come back to fix it and he told me that all I had to do was lift the toilet top and push the stopper in and it would quit running. My family and I did this for a month, but we found ourselves lifting the toilet top at least 20 times a day; which I thought was rediculous. I asked my landlord to come back, this time he put rubberbands around the toilet stopper, which did nothing, we were still lifting the toilet top. I called the landlord one last time and he finally installed a heavy duty stopper. During the course of these 4 months my water bill doubled, when I spoke to the water company they said they would reimburse me if my landlord gave me an invoice. I requested this invoice from my landlord but he just gave me a handwritten letter. The water company will not accept this and require an invoice. I asked my landlord for an invoice again and explained the difference. I am still waiting on my invoice one month later and the water company will only reimburse for 90 days from the bill. MY QUESTION IS: CAN I DEDUCT THE EXTRA AMOUNT ON MY WATER BILLS FROM MY RENT, DUE TO MY LANDLORDS NEGLIGENCE/NONCOMPLIANCE AND IF SO WHAT IS THE PROPER WAY TO GO ABOUT IT?

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    Yes you can, but only if you follow a particular procedure, which you haven't.
    If you withhold part of your rent you might find yourself facing eviction.
    If you can't resolve the issue your option is small claims.

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