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    F1 Visa Rejection


    i am an indian citizen 30 years of age

    i have applied for F1 visa in 2004 and was rejected as VO said i dont have proper document and said its fake but havent mentioned anything in my rejection letter just mentioned 214B

    now iam working in middle east since 3 years have my family( wife and daughter) with me im planning to apply for visit visa B1/B2 in saudi arabia for all of us to visit my brother as he is blessed with baby boy and i havent met my brother since 3 years

    will my past rejection affect my application

    Thanks in advance

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    I wouldn't try again, if you've been rejected.
    The jail cell they'll put you in isn't very nice.
    Keep your freedom and stay away from trouble.
    If they get you, you might never see your brother.
    Freedom is priceless, don't be stupid.

    Summer has arrived!

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