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    TN Question

    Hello All,

    I have a quick question. If my current TN is expired, but my new TN is pending approval with USCIS, as my employer filed for a renew on my behalf. Can I travel outside of the country and re-enter the U.S without any problems?

    I understand that I may not be able to enter with a TN status, since it will be expired but maybe I can re-enter as a simple visitor.

    or should I wait till i receive the renewal. the problem is I have to go to a friend's wedding....

    Thanking you all in advance for your responses.

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    I suggest you seek guidance from immigration authorities or hire an attorney.
    In this post-911 US, I wouldn't risk it.
    Some of the border authorities can be very bureaucratic.
    I think what you're proposing isn't allowed.
    But, immigration is your best contact. Ask them.

    Spring is gonna spring, sooner or later!

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