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    Bedbug infestation

    Jurisdiction / State: Texas

    I have lived in my apartment complex since 2008, and recently I got bedbugs on march 12-2012, and I was told by manager they would have to send fax to orkins pest n put complaint in for them to come out. I was also responsible for paying $378.83. Ok they came out a week after letting the manager know. So the came sprayed n before they came I cleaned up washed all linen n fabrics dryer them n placed them in plastic trash bags sealed. They came back To spray again. Two weeks went by n there were a few I saw so they sprayed again. And now this month 5-3-12 they are back..I went online to read reviews on apartment complex in Carrollton Texas that I reside in and low and behold..the whole apartment complex has been infested since 2009, wich I never got until this year. There are several complaints about it and most or all stated once lease is up they are moving. I live on a fixed income and my daughter helps with my rent n I don't want to sue unless they are not willing to foot the bill because I can not afford to pay almost $400 each month when they keep coming back. It's not right or fair n the people in the office are very rude n inconsiderate. I have called and emailed corporate office n they never answer phone or respond to vm and emails. I even threatened to take legal actions but didn't want to if they just listen n help out. What type of legal steps do I need to take? I was even thinking about going door to door in the complex to have a petition signed about bedbugs n then file civil suit. Please help because I am a 63 yr old woman with a heart condition n know nothing about the law.

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    I suggest you start a dialogue with the local apartment management. Ask them to help. In fact,get yoyrneighbor's toask them for help,too
    You could also speak to your city's mayor and your local councilperson.

    You might also write letters to the complex's national HQ.

    A chat with the county health department and/or city health department might help.

    In the end a lawsuit might be your only hope.

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