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    screwed over by consignment shop in MN. help me please

    I bought a car from a used car consignment shop. the car broke a week later with no oil in it due to them putting a part in wrong/upside down. the repairs were done prior to me buying it so the car would even function. As far as I know they are not licensed to sell in any way.... Do I have a case since i have pics from my auto shop of the part installed wrong as well as a tech to back me up or is it considered "as is". I beleive if they are not licensed they could not have profited from the sale which they did. I paid 3700, 950 went to person they got the car from to fix up, the rest went to them... what can i do. Im in debt now with the bills just to look at the car. please help me!!!?!!!?luke

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    As is.
    You have a private party sale, no licensing required.
    Buyer beware.

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