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    Online Account Information

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    When I was about twelve I was a member of an art sharing website.
    At the good old age of twelve I posted dumb things as comments.
    I have since deleted my account on the website, and it did remove my account. However, there are still things from me on the site. I attempted to contact the "help" section of the website, and was told that I had to have legal representation. What does this mean?
    Years later, I don't like having these things show up when someone googles me.

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    No one will know its you. Why worry about someone Googling yoyr name? You aren't the only person with your name. Just keep your mouth shut and move on. Besides, who can prove you did anything at age 12? Trust me, no one cares enough about you to Google you, but you!!!

    Spring HAS sprung, HOORAY!

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