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    Which counts first? Status of Limitation or Status of Repose

    Jurisdiction / State: California

    I have a customer whom my company helped installed a window back in 2002. He is doing a renovation and could not pass a final inspection now because the window is not tempered glassed. Now he wants me to pay for the replacement of the window. He claimed that I am negligent on not telling him that the window needed tempered glass back in 2002. I was wondering that in Sept, it will be 10 years from the time we installed the window for him. My question is can he still sue me in court if it is already passed 10 years?Is this under Status of repose or under Status of limitation? thank you so much for your time and help. love your website!

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    He's probably barred from suing you under the statute of limitations.
    But, why allow this to sully your firm's fine reputation?
    You don't need the bad noise about your company.
    Try to work out a settlement.
    It's always better to settle something on friendly terms.

    Summer has arrived!

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