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    Kentucky who is at fault?

    Jurisdiction / State: Kentucky

    I was on a side ride at a stop sign, behind the pedestrian crossing and the thick white line that sits behind it. While stopped a vehicle was making a turn from the main road onto the side road and hit my vehicle. He told the officers my head was down, and i advised to the officer at the time the man seen me I was looking to put the vehicle in reverse to avoid the incident. What baffles me is I was in the correct place, fully stopped, when this vehicle hit me. Head up, down, or to either side would not have made this incident any more avoidable on my part but will I be responsible for correcting the damages on my vehicle or will his insurance company?

    Either way I'm just curious that way I know what to expect.

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    If you were at a stop then full responsibility should fall on the other driver. Even if you were at a complete stop in the middle of the intersection it would not be tour fault. It is not important which way you were looking.

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