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    Can you insure a car not registered to you ?

    Jurisdiction / State: Pennsylvania

    A car is leased and insured in one individual's name. Then a boyfriend wants to start paying the lease, use the vehicle and insure it - ? That's the first concern - if the boyfriend decides to take off - you face the fact he may stop paying on the lease and would then let the insurance lapse. Will a lease company allow a transfer - or what the heck are the consequences? (I'm guessing not good)

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    Don't ever fall victim to the "I'll pay for XXXXXXXX", just sign it over to me.

    Or, "If you finance is in YOUR name, I'll make the payments."

    If I were you, I'd say NO, and dump that loser!!!!!!!!!!!

    Summer has arrived!

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    I suggest you investigate lease transfer provisions that will allow him to assume the lease and leave you not liable for it.

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