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    Is it against rules to interview for another position while on disability?

    Jurisdiction / State: California

    I am currently on disability and NOT actively seeking other employment. I have, however, had my "feelers" out there over the last couple of years. Two great positions crossed my path while on disability and I interviewed.
    I will have to go back to work and give my 2 week notice on my first day back from disability.
    Is there something illegal about this?
    Thanks much!

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    We cannot predict what your particular outcomes your case may present. It can be reasonably inferred, if you went to interviews, you were in fact seeking other employment. A rebuttal to this would be if you happened to accidentally get trapped in a broken elevator, for an hour or so, with a hiring manager.

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    It's not illegal, no. If you take one of the jobs and start work it can reasonably be inferred that you are no longer disabled; however you will not have violated any laws.

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    No need to go back to work just to give notice. Give your notice now and start your new job.

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    Thanks for asking the question, e60sfish. I was wondering the same thing recently. And thank you to all those that answered!

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