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    Not thinking

    Jurisdiction / State: ebraska

    I am 22 and was caught shoplifting from Walmart, $75. I was taken to the AP room, my information and picture were taken and an officer gave me a citation with a court date. What do I do?

    I know I need to call and talk to attorneys about my options. Is there a way to go to court early to get a public defender before the court date? Will the public defender charge me? How long would everything last if my court date is in a month? What happens in terms of sentencing if I do as the attorneys tell me? What is the likelihood of getting diversion and have it not on my record if this is my first offense? Should I try to take a shoplifting class before the court date to show that I really do regret what I did and want to get help or will this be futile? What else can I do to help myself? I know this was very dumb of me and I really wish I didnt do it or even have the urge to do it but I know going to court and saying I am sorry and that I wont do it again will not give me any slack. What do I do to show that I really do regret it and am sorry?

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    Public defenders represent you at no cost.
    So, do the following: Shut up about this, wait for the court date, plead not guilty, ask the court to appoint a lawyer, make no confessions or admissions (yeah, you've already admitted it, so just shut up now), wait, stay out of any additional trouble during the pendency of this matter, and eventually if you've behaved yoyrself, this most likely will be disposed of without much (maybe no) damage to your reputation and record!!!

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    As AJ states stay quiet! When you talk to your Attorney ask if diversion or any similar program is available in your case. If so this should protect your record
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    This is minor. Don't stress over it... and stop stealing.

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