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    5th degree theft charge, employment and college

    Jurisdiction / State: Iowa

    I have a 5th degree theft charge from 2007. It was for a bad check for under 100.00. I recently lost a job working for a company that processed checks and credit card donations to non-profit organizations. The HR manager told me that I was not able to be bonded.

    1st - can this kind of charge be expunged?

    2nd - I'm going to be attending college in August 2012 to obtain an A.A. degree in Business Management. Will I be able to be gainfully employed in this area of employment with this on my record?

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    Talk to a local Attorney but I believe the crime must be at least 7 years old. I could be wrong so consult an Attorney
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    What can and cannot be expunged, and if so when it can be expunged, is state specific and you did not list your state.

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