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    can C.S. be terminated if a 16 yr old in Tx has graduated?

    Jurisdiction / State: Texas

    Do i have to continue to pay child support on a 16 yr old high school graduate? She works full time, pays her car and ins (her only incurred bills), and lives with her mom who has left the country on vacation without providing care for the child for 1 plus weeks at a time. Can I end child support paid to the mom. I would rather voluntarily send $ to the child for her to use for her benefit. What does emancipation mean specifically and to have disabilities removed for general purposes?

    The order says it is to terminate on the month after the EARLIEST occurrence:
    (1) child reaches age of 18, provided that child is fully enrolled in an accredited secondary school leading to a high school diploma, the periodic child support payments shall continue until the end of the school year in which the child graduates.

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    Yes, you continue paying the support until the child is 18.

    No, you cannot pay the child - child support is payable to the parent, as a means of reimbursing that parent for costs incurred raising the child.

    actual statute

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