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    Fannie Mae Nightmare - PTFA

    Jurisdiction / State: Georgia

    I am in Georgia.

    Case Summary:
    My Landlord was foreclosed on. I had 2 year lease. Fannie Mae (FNMA), being my "new" landlord" tried to ignore the Protecting Tenants Under Foreclosure Act (PTFA) and tried to evict. I heavily documented the process in which they refused to honor my lease as required under PTFA. I countersued for 15 Million. Mostly punitive, but our heating and air went out and they have refused to maintain the property.

    Dispossesory was thrown out in Magistrate. So was my counter, but I appealed. I survived the initial Summary Judgment process. It's clear that I have a case - and if I can get into them with Discovery it could be a big one because I have them blatantly ignoring the law. Their attorney madea comment that "They were Fannie Mae! They have so many properties they can't be expected to keep up with every state and local tenant law." So they have taken to big to fail and morphed it into too big to obey the law. Jury trial dream against Americas most hated entity if I can get the dang discovery.

    I've hit them up with intensive Discovery. They BS'd the initial response. I have filed a Motion to Compel. At the 30 day line they just filed their Response / Objection in which they raised some interesting, but BS points.

    Here is my question, which is procedural: Can I file a Response to their Response to my Motion to Compel. If so how long do I have?

    Thanks in advance.

    - david

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    David - I have no idea what the rules of the court or regarding your case. Why won't the other party settle if it seems that your rights are manifestly clear? Have you contacted the Georgia State Attorney General?
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